Huge Bonus

I feel very happy if you buy Post Gopher WordPress Plugin. And I will send you a very special gift if you decide to buy Post Gopher WordPress Plugin through my site.

Below the are bonus packages you will receive and some information about the bonus package.

Bonus #1: WP Rocket – $199

WP Rocket Comparison of Features

Here is a comparison of the features that WP Rocket has verses other WordPress caching plugins.

wp rocket comparison

WP Rocket Overview

Upon installing WP Rocket you will notice the options are pretty basic compared to Super Cache. I recommend enabling the following:

  • Enable Lazy loading images (this is one of the best features of the plugin! This significantly improves load time and the end user experience)
  • Enable HTML Minification
  • Enable CSS Minification
  • Enable JS Minification (the only reason I couldn’t enable this one is because I am using Google maps which is an external JS script which can’t be minified)
  • Enable caching for mobile devices

Bonus #2: WP_InternetMarketing – $3.20


Create cash-o-matic product pages for your own or affiliate offers. WordPress cash-O-matic is the perfect solution if you are a affiliate marketer, product creator, everyday blogger, Website owner, or Webmaster. No matter what niche you are into this plugin can increase your profits and streamline your product page creation.

Bonus #3: WPFeedbackPro

If you are a seasoned or even a beginning product marketer there is most likely one powerful weapon you are overlooking… Feedback Reviews!

You can do all the JV’s, secret recipes, traffic tricks, offers or whatever people tell you is the latest and greatest. But, placing reviews is the MOST POWERFUL marketing weapon you can deploy!

Take a look at the screenshots below to see just how powerful this new WordPress plugin is.

After reviewing the above screenshots we think you will agree that this plugin does in fact have some awe-inspiring features! We set out to find a plugin already in production and were sorely disappointed. The couple we did find were over priced and one of them was so poorly coded, our site got banned from shared hosting…